AUG 2022

Hello again everyone! Hope we’re all getting the most out of these last few weeks of summer.

The play I was in went really well! Although there were only 3 performances, New York Theatre Festival nominated it for best production and best director, and I was nominated for best actor!!!

The “WINNER” word is a little confusing, but yes I was nominated!

Of course, it only means so much, but especially after the last year of auditions, it feels good to get a “you’re a good actor” stamp from some kind of authority.

I waited a few weeks after August 1st to update this because I was also working on something else: a YouTube video! I entered as a content creator into 3Blue1Brown’s “Summer of Math Exposition 2”. Not only that, I collaborated with a real mathematician and helped explain an algorithm he created!

There’ll definitely be more educational math videos like this on my “Aaron Learns” YouTube channel in the future.

That’s all for now, you might catch me at stand-up open mics around NYC! I’ll keep you posted.

MAY 2022

Hello again! Yes, I know it’s been less than three months, but it’s been a year since I graduated from college and made a website, which is a huge milestone!

But the REAL reason I’m writing to all of you is that a LOT has happened in the last month that I’m really excited to share…

There were long stretches of time this past year where no work came in, and at times I doubted whether I’d ever get to act again. Thankfully, the answer is yes–I landed my first theatrical role! I’ll be in a play called Roomies that follows the story of two ghosts haunting an apartment, and it’ll be at the New York Theater Festival during the following times:

  • Monday, Jun 20 @9:00pm
  • Wednesday, Jun 22 @9:00pm
  • Saturday, Jun 25th @6:45pm

I’ll annoy everyone with more updates on tickets as we get closer to performance dates.

The second exciting piece of news is my foray into mathematics. Before this year, math had been a hobby, but it’s turned into something more. I started to combine my passion for acting with math on my TikTok, using comedy to make it interesting for a general audience. I tried out a funny video where I did “math with pronouns”, and the algorithm smiled upon it–as of right now it’s been viewed over 275,000 times.

@griffinmaxwellbrooks thoughts??CORRECTION: he/him is both imaginary AND irrational. #math #lgbtq #aaronscomedy #mathtok

♬ original sound – Aaron Greenberg

Seeing a video get over 5 figures of views–especially one about math–felt like a sign. I realized that education can be a creative challenge, and the problem of making something like math interesting was cut-out work for an artist like me. I’ve decided to start a new YouTube channel: “Math Without Mystery where I explain math without using any math at all. I’ve already posted a video so far, give it a view–and since I’m a YouTuber now–don’t forget to like and subscribe!

I’ve also added some things to the website, including a new data science blog that I’ll post to now and then. In the first post, I imagine a hypothetical scenario involving the subways of the MTA, and do some web-scraping with python and graphs in excel. Many math and science professionals keep a blog where they post educational content or pose open problems for peers to work on, but I’m thinking of this as something a little more relaxed and just for fun.

I’m still in Queens if anyone wants to hang out! The next update will come sometime in mid-June about that performance, but happy trails until then!

Thank you for reading. Always, Aaron.

APR 2022

Hello again, everyone! Crazy to think it’s been three months. I’ve had all kinds of free time to go into my own projects. I sang Edelweiss from “The Sound of Music” backwards and put it on YouTube! Watch it and make me go viral, you’ll waste like a minute of your life at most!

Some days seem to just zoom by, while others are packed with memories. One of my most memory-packed days was in February when I did background for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I won’t give too much away, but shooting took place in the gorgeous TWA terminal at JFK airport.

This time I had to wake up at 3AM! A personal record for the earliest extra call, but it was totally worth it.

I was fortunate enough to rub shoulders with Rachel Brosnahan (it was more like an accidental bump, but you take what you can get) and meet a ton of awesome people.

I’ve been a creator for an app in development for a while, but it’s finally on the app store! It’s called Purified, it’s a news app that changes the way people get information.

Purified News: A news app designed to empower journalists | BetaList

You can follow different accounts for news topics you’re interested in. I’m on there myself, I focus on a lot of local news and wholesome stuff. My username is “goodNewsAaron”. Download it from the app store and give me a follow!

That’s all for the last three months! Thanks for reading. Always, Aaron.

JAN 2022

After graduating in May from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Acting, I’m back in NYC and breaking into the acting industry. Like so many recent graduates, I’ve been working as an extra—most notably for Showtime’s Billions. I saw Paul Giamatti at work, which made it worth the 5AM schlep!

I found a reliable artistic outlet (other than self-tapes, of course) –  TikTok!  It’s taught me a lot about directing and editing—at least with an iPhone. Lightning struck a few weeks ago when I got over 20,000 views on one of my videos. If you’re on TikTok, give me a follow!

I finished off my year participating in a cabaret performance at Don’t Tell Mama in midtown. It was the first real live performance I’d done since graduating, and I was as nervous as when I started as a freshman at LaGuardia over 8 years ago. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t great to be back, though!

While I keep applying for opportunities on my own – I’m also working on getting an agent and/or manager. If you have any ideas, or general industry or career advice, please let me know. If you just want to grab a cup of coffee, or if you’re not in NY –a Zoom call– I would love and appreciate that!

Thanks for reading and staying in touch, see you all again in 3 months!

Always, Aaron.