AUG 2022

Hello again everyone! Hope we’re all getting the most out of these last few weeks of summer.

The play I was in went really well! Although there were only 3 performances, New York Theatre Festival nominated it for best production and best director, and I was nominated for best actor!!!

The “WINNER” word is a little confusing, but yes I was nominated!

Of course, it only means so much, but especially after the last year of auditions, it feels good to get a “you’re a good actor” stamp from some kind of authority.

I waited a few weeks after August 1st to update this because I was also working on something else: a YouTube video! I entered as a content creator into 3Blue1Brown’s “Summer of Math Exposition 2”. Not only that, I collaborated with a real mathematician and helped explain an algorithm he created!

There’ll definitely be more educational math videos like this on my “Aaron Learns” YouTube channel in the future.

That’s all for now, you might catch me at stand-up open mics around NYC! I’ll keep you posted.

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