JAN 2023

Happy New Year, everyone! Whether you’ve been with me or are just joining, I hope no one’s making too many resolutions. At the end of the year, I’m prone to being too hard on myself, focused on the potential of next year and ignorant of what I’ve accomplished. However, this is the internet, which is no place to be humble.

2022 brought me some success on social media. On TikTok I made a video that broke 350,000 views, and on YouTube I made a video that broke 65,000 views and passed 1,000 subscribers making me eligible for monetization. Both of those successful videos were math education, something I’ve found a new passion for and that I’ll continue to explore.

Here are my two most recent videos: one exploring whether there are more eyes or legs in the world, and the other talking about a mathematical easter egg in the new Black Panther movie:

I was in an award-winning play at the New York Theatre Festival this summer. I made it with old friends, playwright Hunter Lustberg and Kristin Katz directing, and sharing the stage with a new friend of mine, Elle Marion (Hunter also acted, I love home-grown theatre). The play was nominated for three different awards at the festival, including myself for best actor (still gloating about it)! Hunter wrote a beautiful play and I hope we get to put it up again.

Looking ahead to the next year, I have some more exciting news! I’m going to be in a staged reading for a new musical! MASKED: The Musical is being read on the 12th at Theatre 71. LaGuardia alum Jamiel Burkhart is a producer. Buy tickets here!

Thank you for keeping in touch, I hope to hear more from all of you, soon! Hit me up if you’re in NYC and you just want to talk or grab a coffee, I’m all ears!

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